Elite Karate Studios, LLC

Instructor Name:Mr. Jason Dutton

Mr. Jason Dutton is the Master Instructor and Owner of Elite Karate Studios. He is the primary instructor for all classes.


Other Information:Mr. Jason Dutton received his black belt on March 17, 1994 and has been training in the martial arts for over 25 years. He has been teaching for over 20 years and has been the Master Instructor at Elite Karate Studios since 1997. His true passion is teaching and along with teaching American Fresstyle Martial Arts, he teaches Escrima, Kama, Bo, & Katana classes.  Mr. Dutton teaches all ages ranging from 4-60+. Mr. Dutton has also hosts Womens' Self Defense Seminars and Board Breaking Seminars. He also really enjoys giving Child Safety Presentations to area school children. Mr. Dutton also enjoys competing at local and national martial arts competitions in forms and sparring. However he feels that one of his greatest accomplishments is not his competition record but that of his students that he has trained. To date, his students have earned over 50 national titles in competition!  He continues to look forward to helping his students succeed in the martial arts and grow to be the most discipline, respectful, & honorable black belts in the nation.