Elite Karate Studios, LLC

Instructor Name:Mrs. Michelle Dutton

Mrs. Michelle Dutton is a Master Instructor & Program Director for Elite Karate Studios.


Other Information:Mrs. Michelle Dutton began studying the martial arts in 1995 while attending college for the benefit of self defense. It quickly became a passion of hers and she became an active competitor in forms and sparring placing as #1 competitor for women 18-29 under black belt for the 98-99 competition season. She is a 1st place winner of Diamond Nationals in Forms. She created and led the women’s competition team for Elite Karate helping her teammates achieve competition success as well. She also created and implemented a self defense seminar for women and a board breaking seminar for her students. On Jan 5, 2001 she became the 1st black belt for the 21st century at Elite Karate studios. She continued her studies and on January 16th, 2015 she was promoted to 5th degree black belt and Master Instructor. She has been teaching students since 1997 and continues to enjoy being a strong female role-model for her students. “There is nothing better than seeing one of your students succeed. I love seeing them experience the joy and empowerment that karate can grant someone.”