Elite Karate Studios, LLC

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Elite Karate Studios, LLC was founded in Eau Claire in 1996 and in Chippewa Falls in 1997, by Mr. James Dutton and Mr. Jason Dutton, respectively.  We desired a studio where people learned 3 core values: honor, discipline, and respect.  Starting  as a family based business, we wanted a family-oriented studio in which kids could learn the martial arts and at the same time learn valuable lessons in life.  We wanted to be able to teach kids how to properly treat their peers and elders, how to handle negative situations, and how to work as a team -- just to name a few.  As adults, we couldn't stand all the negative influences that surrounded us and others and we wanted to create a place where people could escape from them while doing something beneficial with their lives.  We wanted Elite Karate Studios to be a place where teammates are invested in each other and cheer one another along their individual paths. A place that promotes the mindset that "as long as you remain positive and determined you can overcome any obstacle."