Elite Karate Studios, LLC

We offer several different classes at Elite Karate Studios.  They are broken down not only by experience level but also by age level to help promote the best learning environment.  This also helps to keep the classes smaller so that the instructors can give the students more personalized attention.  Below is a listing of the type of beginner classes that we offer.

Little Kickers
This class is specifically designed for 4-6 year olds
It covers the same material as the other classes however it breaks the curriculum down and is taught at a slower pace for younger children.  This allows us to focus on the high level of energy and enthusiasm that this age group has while at the same time learning life skills and the martial arts in a fun, safe, and rewarding environment.

Kid Classes
This class is for kids ages 7-12 years old
It moves at a faster pace due to the increased attention span and motor & cognitive skills that children develop at these ages.  Our students will learn martial art techniques while at the same time building a foundation of honor, discipline, and respect.  The curriculum at this age group also focuses on team building, strengthening of character and most important child safety!

Adult/Teen Classes
This class is for ages 13 to adult.
These classes intermix teenagers with adults to help teach an increased sense of responsibility.  The teenagers will also learn the sense of honor, discipline, and respect that is so important for today's society.  The adults will find that class moves at a nice pace to give a good workout but also allows for sections that focus on the self defense that many are looking for.  Besides continuing to teach the Elite Karate Studios' core values of honor, discipline, and respect we also focus on stress relief, stress management, and team unity.